TOW-Application from the H3d

#1 by H3draut3r , Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:58 am

Hello, everyone.
After all that driving and lots of fun on your server, I would now write once an application as TOW (like later as an officer.).

Nickname ingame: H3draut3r
login: H3drauter
RL Name: Sebastian (more you learn not from me, because you do not need to know that.).
Some details:
Distance traveled: 5060 km
Fuel burnt: 1655 Ltr
Laps: 804
Hosts joined: 78
Races won: 0
Second: 1
Third: 5
Finished: 15
Qualifications: 2
Pole Positions: 0
Drags / Wins: 2 / 2

I'm not experienced, but I learn constantly;)

Why would I? Because there is only a few tows on your server and I need to go is a diversified compared to the normal. ;)
As I found, to your server: LFS server list and a short time, patience .... yet it is fun and there is even a German share of riders, with whom I can chat sometimes even in my native language. ;)

PS: If adopted, it would begin custody until the weekend because I play WoW moment in order to level up faster to a friend. > _ <
otherwise happy / grateful I ever think about each answer.

The H3drauter

if there are spelling mistakes in the application, Google pushes the blame in the shoes. the translator had helped me with the translation. ^^

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