Urgent call to the team!

#1 by Berni25 , Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:01 pm

Dear CCS-team!

After whitnessing the last changes on server and talking to different members, i have come to the conclusion that i should start this topic.

U have set me as VIP-member on server, so i guess u want to hear my opinion.^^
All what will be said is meant in a good way and shall help u to find the right way.

The last insim update has showed that there is no real communication between u as team members!
A new insim with completely account reset implented, only a little note in the news, no warning, no official announcement about what will come.
This causes resignation and frustration in the team and for the cruisers. It makes u look unprofessional. Sure, i know, this should be a game. It is ,until u decide to built a team!
A team needs internal structures which should solve such situations.

First of all u really need a non-public team section in the forum. This place can be used to discuss internal things and changes/updates before ur doing a shot in the dark on server.
One of u must fill out the position of a general leader, one is needed for the cruise team, one for forum/reports, one insim guru and so on.
CCS is a great server and it remembers me the first days of good old windstyle cruise. I really feel confident that CCS can step in to fill out the blank space in the multiplayer list. Ur on a good way. Use the great people u got in the team.

See u on track


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RE: Urgent call to the team!

#2 by koning ( deleted ) , Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:01 pm

i totaly agree thank u berni for this topic! i hope that im not the only one who agrees to this.




RE: Urgent call to the team!

#3 by BiesPL , Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:54 pm

Thank you Berni for your words.
I really apreciate it. All the day i was thinking about it and i know you are right.

We have made many mistakes in so short time. If i have to be fair i don't know why the Users are still with us.
Recently we were so much concentrated about insim improvement that we forgot about principles.

From me i can only say that im really sad.
We have new insim, based on our old insim so i thought it won't be a revolution (just upgrade).
I felt that it will be only matter of moving database and we will have a better conditions to play at our server (with copsystem and new features).

For now we have to make a realy though but honest talk about future of this cruise server.


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